Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here we go

Well, since no one is posting, I guess I will :) I am going to tag myself from Matt's great job on the Six Quirks.

1. I can't have bumps in my hair. That's key registration...remember that! If I put my hair in a ponytail, I can't just "hide" the bump under more hair. It cannot be there and I will rid it ASAP. It's truly my biggest pet peeve. Since I have a hair obsession, I am contantly playing with it. Which regards to an unsafe lifestyle of what I call "constantly redoing my ponytails". Sorry, folks, they've gotta go!

2. I can't stand having more that two people on a trampoline. It's very weird. Most people like big parties, jumpers, etc. I, on the other hand, will never pass that sort of law. HATE when people start cramming others on trampolines. No, not the idea of the tramp caving in, someone falling off, et cetera, et cetera. More of the chlastrophobia. I am SO clastro it's not even funny. I can't be squeezed in between people or I will have a stroke.

3. I am very disturbed my Eighties Music. I know that people my age don't like it, but can listen to it, but for me it's obvious - I can't do either. Listening is like hearing weird, screamy shrieking in your ears. It's haunting and very strange. I can't even listen to it, because when I do I imagine people in neon colored leggings, funny-looking sweatshirts, weird side ponytails, bright makeup and purple tongues. Why? I have NO idea!!

4. I can't sit still for more than 20 seconds unless I am sleeping. Even then, I am a kicker! I get bugged easily and fidgety. That's why I play soccer, and NOT baseball. That's too relaxing. I can't stand just sitting in church. Listening to talks won't relax me. I switch my feet around, play little finger games, and just try to amuse myself with the weirdest ways of survival. OH it's taunting!

5. I can only live in an unorganized "mess". This is a weird one. My dresser is cluttered with makeup, hair supplies, lost assignments from years ago, notebook pages, jewelry, wallets, money, occasionally clothing, a huge neon-colored wig (don't ask why), and Emma's paint set. Let's see how much more YOU can fit in my living space! But seriously, it's the only way I know. "My mascara is under my wallet" or "you can find that journal page behind the jewelry box...or maybe that one"

6. Finally, I can't stand wearing jeans for more than 6 hours minus before I crack and need to change. I usually get home and go STRAIGHT to the T-shirts and Sweats section or I wear a pair of Soffees (cheer shorts) and walk around comfortably. Leggings are the worst things you can wear because they are tight, hideous, and I can't STAND stetchy material on my legs.....ACK!!!! I am so weird, right??

I am tagging certain people and they HAVE to do's fun:
1. Liz Shelley (please, please, please)
2. Reyna ~you have to do this~
3. Sierra (on "our" blog)
4. My mom (if only she could blog)
5. I don't know about the last spot...I rest my case

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't cancel the blog...

Just wanted to share some of the photos we have taken recently...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Name

I think everyone may know this, but just in case you don't, we did change our URL from to Make sure you change us on your links! Thanks for the understanding. See you soon!


Our Life In Russia

Since we are about to start our lives again, after the wonderful summer vacation, I thought maybe you'd like to see what we do here in Russia....

We play tennis--and win!! (Sometimes...)

We go to church--at our favorite branch in the world! (And look extremely handsome while doing it)

We go to school--which we are soooo looking forward to....not. :)

We jump on the trampoline!!

We go on awesome vacations!

And, most importantly...

WE BLOG!!!!!
--Love, Reyna

Wednesday, August 13, 2008